Corvette Spotlight
August 2003

2002 Custom Z06 Convertible
Stock Number 04265

Sorry... This vehicle has been SOLD!

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Roger's Corvette Center generally specializes in low mileage, 100% stock Corvettes. But every once in awhile, we come across a modified Corvette that is so unique, so special, and so well done that we can't help bend our own rules. This 2002 Z06 CONVERTIBLE is a perfect example.

We anticipate a lot of questions about such a special Corvette, so here are the answers to those most frequently asked.

Q: Is this a REAL Z06 or a convertible made to look like a Z06?

A: Yes indeed, this is a real 2002 Z06, complete with the high performace 405 HP LS6 engine and Z06 running gear.

Q: I thought GM doesn't make the Z06 in a convertible body style.

A: Correct, they don't. This car began life as a regular production, Electron Blue Fixed Roof Coupe (FRC) Z06 Corvette and at 808 miles was transformed into the convertible beauty you see here by the professionals at Burke Corvettes ( in Orlando, Florida. All GM parts were used in the conversion, and the GM white convertible top fits and seals perfectly, just like a production convertible. If GM made one, this would be it.

Q: How is the car factory equipped?

A: It comes with all standard 2002 Z06 features... including the amazing 405HP LS6 engine and 6-speed trans plus in dash AM/FM CD, Heads Up Display, Memory Package, and Electrochromatic Mirrors. It also comes with the original Z06 owners manual package, video, unused tire inflator kit, and vehicle build sheet.

Q: How does it drive? Any shakes, rattles, or leaks?

A: The C5 Corvette was designed as a convertible to begin with so the structural rigidity of a convertible is nearly that of a C5 coupe or hardtop. The convertible top on this car fits and latches down perfectly, just like a factory unit. While a stock Z06 weighs 3116 lbs and a convertible weighs 3210, the Z06 hardtop and convertible top assemblies are nearly the same weight, so overall vehicle weight remains virtually unchanged. Simply put, it drives & handles great, just like a real Z06, because it is a real Z06.

Q: What about the paint job?

A: Although the car was already factory finished in Electron Blue, the owner wanted the paint to be perfect (no orange peel) so the entire car was stripped and refinished in new Electron Blue urethane. Then Arctic White stripes, reminiscent of the 1996 Grand Sport, were artfully and painstakingly applied to fit the C5's body contours perfectly, topped off with Torch Red hashmarks on the left front fender. As a finishing touch, the entire job was covered in multiple coats of clear so that it is perfectly smooth... running your fingers over the paint yields no trace of a "bump" as you go over the stripes. The paint has been continually protected with both Zaino polish and Lusso wax and always kept covered indoors. The end result is undeniably amazing and must be seen to be appreciated. It is truly automotive art!

Q: What about the interior?

A: The stock Z06 Mod Red leather interior is striking against the Electron Blue exterior, but "stock" just wouldn't do for this. The interior was treated to an assortment of top quality red/black leather interior components by Vette Essentials. Other serious enhancements and luxury items were also added, such as Lloyd's red/black Z06 floor and cargo mats, brushed aluminum Z06 door sill protectors, an array of Eckler's dress-up items, plus a GM trunk mounted 12 disc CD changer. Lastly, chrome roll bars behind the seats tie in nicely with the chrome Z06 wheels.

Q: Any other appearance modifications to the car?

A: Appearance items include chrome Z06 wheels, front spoiler, side/front/rear screens, carbon fiber hood with functional heat extractor, European tail lamps, custom side marker lights, 8" shorty fixed antenna, and a Z06 exhaust beauty plate. The engine compartment features Electron Blue painted components and just a few chrome and carbon fiber accents. Also included is a custom made Electron Blue Speed Lingerie bra with white center panel and car cover with Z06 embroidered emblems.

Q: Any performance modifications to the car?

A: Only minor modifications were installed by the professionals at Corvette Masters, including a Borla Stinger cat-back exhaust system with quad tips, a Halltech T1 carbon fiber air intake, custom computer programming, electronic cooling fan monitor, 172 degree thermostat, and a Hurst short shifter.

Q: What kind of power does the car make?

A: A stock 2002 Z06 makes significant power but this one makes a bit more. Recent dyno testing after the custom computer programming shows 375.6 RWHP and 361.7 torque. That's translates to more than 440 HP at the flyweel.

Q: Has this car won any awards?

A: Bunches. Besides several awards in smaller shows, it was also selected as Dave McClellan's Best of Show pick at the Corvettes in Paradise, Celebrity Pick at the NCM Z06 Fest, Best Paint at Eckler's Reunion, and 1st place at Eckler's Springfest. The next owner (you, perhaps?) will have no difficulty adding to his own trophy collection!

Q: Haven't I seen this car in a magazine?

A: Most likely. It has been on the cover of Corvette Lifestyles and featured in both Corvette Fever and Vette magazines. It has also starred in television commercials Corvette... The American Dream TV show. Warning! This is NOT a stealth vehicle so if you don't like attention, this is not the car for you.

Q: What about the original GM warranty?

A: The convertible conversion does not affect the original GM warranty which is still in place.

Bottom Line...

For not much more than the price of a new stock Z06 like everyone else has, you can own this truly unique Z06 convertible. Feel free to compare what your investment would be in time and money to even try to duplicate this amazing one-of-a-kind Corvette:

  • Professional Z06 convertible conversions cost approximately $13,000+
  • A high quality, custom paint job such as this one runs around $8,000+
  • Add approximately $13,000 more for interior, dress up, and performance items
  • Many weeks (or months) would usually be required to complete all the modifcations
This Z06 is truly unique, runs great, looks fabulous and is ready for you to drive home today!

Call or stop by our showroom for more information on this beautiful Z06. You will not be disappointed.

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2002 Custom Z06 Convertible
Stock Number 04265

Z06 Performance Package
405 HP LS6 Engine
Custom Convertible Conversion
White Convertible Top
Custom Electron Blue Exterior
Custom White 'GS' Stripes
Mod Red/Black Leather Interior
Six Speed Transmission
Electronic Air Conditioning
Delco Bose 12-Disc CD Changer
Active Handling
Heads Up Display
Memory Package
Floor Mats

Sorry... This vehicle has been SOLD!

Complete list of non-stock modifications:
  • Burke Corvettes Z06 convertible conversion using all GM parts
  • Burke Corvettes custom GS-style paint job, electron blue/arctic white

  • Borla Stinger exhaust system with quad stainless tips
  • Chrome valve stem covers
  • Clear plastic license plate cover
  • Corvette Concepts 8" shorty fixed antenna
  • Design Specialties chrome seat hoops (roll bars)
  • Eckler's carbon fiber wheel well covers
  • Eckler's Chrome oil filler and coolant reservoir cap covers
  • Eckler's Door sill C5 crossed flag decals
  • Eckler's LT mini-style front spoiler
  • Eckler's Passenger air bag CORVETTE decal
  • Eckler's performance hood seal
  • Eckler's Silverguard car cover with front & rear Z06 emblems
  • Eckler's Steering wheel C5 crossed flag decal
  • Eckler's trunk lid liner w/Z06 emblem
  • Eckler's underhood liner w/Z06 emblem
  • Eckler's VHP fan monitor controller and low temp thermostat
  • Eckler's Weatherboots floor mat protectors
  • Eckler's Brakelight Red fuel rail cover CORVETTE emblems
  • Eckler's Brakelight Red rear CORVETTE emblems
  • Eckler's CAGS (Skip Shift) Eliminator kit
  • Eckler's Chrome lug nut caps
  • Eckler's Chrome Z06 wheels w/engraved center caps (not decals)
  • Eckler's diamond cut rear side marker lamps, red
  • Eckler's Z06-405 Throttle Body ID Plate
  • Exit 28 brushed aluminum door sill protectors w/Z06 emblem
  • Exit 28 European tail light assemblies
  • Exit 28 front, side, and rear screen inserts
  • Exit-28 rolled tip chrome exhaust beauty plate w/Z06 emblem
  • GM 12-disc CD changer, trunk mounted
  • GM trunk storage compartment covers
  • Halltech Carbon Fiber T-1 "Sidewinder" air intake
  • Halltech Z06 decal for air intake
  • Hurst Short Shifter
  • Lloyd's cargo mat, Z06 embroidered, black w/red edging
  • Lloyd's floor mats, Z06 embroidered, black w/red edging
  • Motor City Molds carbon fiber/fiberglass custom heat extraction hood
  • Painted coolant recovery tank cover, electron blue
  • Painted fuel rail covers, electron blue
  • Painted radiator cover, electron blue
  • Painted windshield washer tank cover, electron blue
  • Speed Lingerie bra, electron blue with custom white center panel
  • Superchips custom computer programming
  • Superchips Microtuner module
  • Vette Essentials 2-tone leather console cushion w/Z06 logo
  • Vette Essentials 2-tone leather door pulls
  • Vette Essentials 2-tone leather emergency brake boot
  • Vette Essentials 2-tone leather emergency brake handle
  • Vette Essentials 2-tone leather shift boot
  • Vette Essentials 2-tone leather shift knob
  • Vette Essentials 2-tone leather steering wheel
  • Vette Essentials billet aluminum shift knob pattern insert
... plus probably more that we can't recall right now.

For more information about this or any of our other fine
vehicles, contact Roger's Corvette Center at (407) 628-8300.

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