Corvette Spotlight
April 2006

1994 Copper Metallic Corvette Coupe
Only 5,527 miles

Sorry... This vehicle has been SOLD!

Only once every few years does GM release a bold new exterior color option that is sure to become a highly desirable collectible later on. Such is most certainly the case with the rare and equally desirable Copper Metallic 1994 Corvette Coupe you see here. They only made 116 of these which makes it ultra rare and unique to say the least and arguably one of the most highly collectible C4 Corvettes ever produced. This one represents one of the best examples of the 116 produced that are still around today. It includes factory options such as automatic transmission, power driver's seat, electronic air conditioning, Bose Cassette player, and glass top. An extremely low mileage car with only 5,527 miles, it is easy to see how very special this rare C4 really is.

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1994 Copper Metallic Corvette Coupe

Stock # 01364


Copper Metallic Exterior
Black Leather Interior
Automatic Transmission
Power Driver's Seat
Electronic Air Conditioning
Bose Cassette Player
Glass Top
One of only 116 produced in 1994 in this rare color
Original Window Sticker
Only 5,527 Miles

Sorry... This vehicle has been SOLD!

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